CollectiveAccess is comprised of two main components: Providence and Pawtucket.

Providence is the core cataloguing application of CollectiveAccess, also know as the "back-end," where data, media and metadata is input, edited and managed. Pawtucket is the optional public web-access or "front-end" tool for publication and discovery. If you are starting out with CollectiveAccess, your first download should be Providence, either from this page or directly from our GitHub repository.


Providence — core cataloguing application
Current Version: 1.6
Installation instructions, upgrade instructions and release notes can be found on the documentation wiki.
You can access the latest Providence development code on GitHub at
Pawtucket — public web-access application
Current Version: 1.4
Download is a 36mb Tar-GZip'ed (tgz) file with an MD5 signature of ee5379a7dec7e2007ebbd5b6ca201eaa
Installation instructions, and release notes can be found on the project wiki.
NOTE: The 1.4 version of Pawtucket is NOT compatible with version 1.6 of Providence. We will have a 1.6-compatible release soon. In the meantime use the Pawtucket "develop" branch on Github or the still-in-development Pawtucket2 code.


Hosting is now available

Whirl-i-Gig offers cloud-hosting packages for CollectiveAccess projects of all sizes. Hosting with Whirl-i-Gig is a simple solution for users who don’t have in-house server administration or technical support for third-party server management.

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