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V1.7 Display for metadata in containers seems wrong

Hello !

I just downloaded the last 1.7 develop files and updated from 1.6.3 to test some functionnalities. It looks really promising (again ;-) ).
However, the displays for metadata embedded in a containers are wrong : It just get "Array" and not the different values.

Thanks for your great work with collective access !!



  • You'll need to give us some more detail
  • In the summary view of an object, when using two (or more) metadata as sub-elements in a container, the summary display just state "Array" and not the two (or more) metadata values) as expected.

    In the two screenshots attached, you have the same record on v1.6.3 and 1.7 (using the same Database). But the data are correct in the basic info screen.

    461 x 74 - 6K
    303 x 83 - 4K
  • Hello!

    I have the same issue after upgrading from 1.6.3 to 1.7 RC.

  • Hi, I have just taken a look at my 1.7 installation and can confirm the same issue e.g in basic info screen dimensions are 20 mm X 20mm X 20mm. In the Summary screen this shows up as "Array'
  • Can you paste your display template code here?
  • Hello Julia, Maybe I am at fault here as I did nit specify anything in the display template - just left it at what I assume was the default.
  • Hello !

    I did'nt specify any template either. It's by default.
  • Set a new template in the display element that is showing "array" and see if that clears it up. If there's a template specified that is causing this please post it here.
  • Hi Seth, I set this template in the display element
    ^ca_objects.dimensions.width W x ^ca_objects.dimensions.height H x ^ca_objects.dimensions.depth D

    The resultant print out in the Summary screen was Dimensions WxHxD (no values)

    These are the Object Editor input values.
  • Not "array"? And the spaces were not preserved?
  • Screen shot of output

  • Make sure your tags are referencing values that exist. Eg. that ^ca_objects.dimensions.width is not supposed to be something like ^ca_objects.dimensions.dimensions_width

    I just verified that when correct dimensions display properly using the syntax in your example, so my guess is that you're referencing a non-existent element.

    On the other hand I was able to reproduce the "Array" thing so now I'm off to fix that.
  • I quickly tried the syntax you suggested but got the same result. Have to be off to a dreaded AGM now so will try again tomorrow. Many thanks for your help
  • There's a fix to the "array" issue in GitHub develop. This fix will be part of the 1.7 release.
  • Hi This finally worked for me

  • edited April 2017
    ^ca_objects.work_dimensions.dimensions_height H x
    ^ca_objects.work_dimensions.dimensions_width  W x
    ^ca_objects.work_dimensions.dimensions_depth D
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