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Hierarchical Display in 1.7rc1. (SOLVED)

edited April 2017 in Feedback
This problem was posted by me and also brucek some time ago but seems to persist in 1.7rc1. Bruce had a go at trying to resolve it and I am sure if he was successful he would have posted the solution.
The following expression in a display template used to print the whole tree-
<case><if rule="^ca_objects.type_id =~ /Printed Documents/"> ^ca_objects.printed_document_objects.hierarchy.preferred_labels.name_plural%delimiter=_➞_
no longer displays the hierarchal list starting from the top down to
the bottom I now get the bottom item displayed repeatedly like this.
Book, Time ➞ Book, Time ➞ Book, Time ➞ Book, Time.
Any ideas?.
Using ubuntu 16.04.4 Firefox 52.02, PHP 7.0.15 Providence 1.7rc1 schema 146


  • This display template is used where exactly?
  • This display template is used in a summary display which I edited and renamed Accession Record. It worked fine in an earlier version. The attached screen shot shows how the summary display used to look.
    When using the object editor the main category is chosen from the New Object menu then when editing the description of the object there is a hierarchical list to choose the subcategory from. The display in the Summary Screen is the hierarchical list Hope I have explained this ok..

    593 x 323 - 35K
  • If you can look at brucek's post Pawtucket2 Hierarchy listing broke dated 25 March it may provide better info that i can.
  • This is in fact broken. I'm working on a fix.
  • There's a fix for this in Providence develop. Let me know how it works for you. I'll have a Providence 1.7 release together shortly.
  • Hi Seth, Seems to be working fine now -very much appreciated Eric

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