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Importing several cells into a checklist or as relationships

I have a number of columns in a table (xlsx) which describe the relationship between an artist and the subject of the piece (e.g. child, parent, spouse, friend,...)  the data in the column is either 'x' or empty. I'm having trouble conceptualizing the best import process. I would like for them to appear as a checklist in the UI which would imply a list. Do I do that as a refinery or can it be done directly through CA_table.element?  OTOH conceptually these are relations between two entities which is simpler to think about importing using a refinery to make the relationships but harder to think about how it appears in the UI. 


  • It sounds like a relationship, unless the checklist of roles lived on the relationship record between the two entities:
  • I agree for that use case and I think I know how to move forward with it.  

    I realize I have another set of fields that really are more taxonomic in nature and would very much lend themselves to being a checklist. So we return to "Do I do that as a refinery or can it be done directly through CA_table.element? " What should the list definition look like to ingest such data?

  • Each column that represents a value in the checklist would be mapped to the attribute within an import group. i.e.

    Mapping 1 ca_objects.my_checklist checklistGroup
    Mapping  2 ca_objects.my_checklist checklistGroup
    Mapping  3 ca_objects.my_checklist checklistGroup

    And you'll also need to convert the X to the appropriate list item code via the original values/replacement values column
  • (or ca_entities...not sure what table the new list is in)
  • hmmm
    I'm in a bit of structure/definition spaghetti

    ca_objects.panel_attrs attrsGroup x makers_a
    ca_objects.panel_attrs attrsGroup x makers_b
    ca_objects.panel_attrs attrsGroup x makers_c

    where panel_atts is a metadata element for my panel and makers_* are the "Identifier" for the list "concepts" in List panel_attributions

    I've tried a few variants of both what I used for CA_table.element and for the "value" (different fields in the concept description) to no avail.
    Any light you can shine on the proper way to be thinking about these constructs that will make it clear what to do?

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