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Representation Download results in empty file


When I click the download button for a representation in pawtucket I am prompted to save the file but on inspection the file is empty. As far as I can see the blobs in the database are fine. The files are PDFs.
Would be greatful for any advice!

Thanks, Marlies


  • Hi maja,

    Please look and see that the option download_version is set in your front-end detail.conf file.  PDFs should be downloaded as "original."
  • Thanks for the reply sophie.
    The only detail.conf file I could find was the one in my theme. In this file there was no entry download_version, and adding it didn't solve the problem.
    In media_display.conf I have the following setting:
    download = {
        pdf = {
            mimetypes = {application/pdf},
            display_version = original

    Where is the content of the file loaded from? Is it the blob in the database?

    What I found out so far is that this line $vn_rc = $this->render('Details/object_representation_download_binary.php'); from the DetailController.php function DownloadRepresentation() returns empty. And also the 'version_path' or media path set above is empty.
    Is it supposed to be like this for PDFs?
  • Sorry I misspoke - the option is found in media_display.conf

    You should have a entry that looks like:

    pdf = {
    mimetypes = {application/pdf},
    display_version = tilepic,
    alt_display_version = mediumlarge,
    width = 400, height = 400,
    download_version = original,
    no_overlay = 0,
    viewer = UniversalViewer
  • Had a look at it again, my media_display.conf file is different than yours.
    I have the version as it is in the master-fix branch of the git project (

    Yet everything is set to original for pdf and I did not change things in the conf file so far.
    Is there really a problem with the configuration? As the PDF does download, but without any content.
  • Do they download incorrectly from the backend as well?
  • No, nothing happens when I download the representation in the back end. It simply redirects to an empty page.
    But the download in the back end is a media download (not a representation download), the links are different:

    Back end: editor/object_representations/ObjectRepresentationEditor/DownloadMedia/representation_id/12430/value_id//download/1/version/original
    Front end: Detail/DownloadRepresentation/representation_id/12430/object_id/10993/download/1/version/original

    There is also a media download button for the front end (Detail/DownloadMedia/object_id/10993/representation_id/12430/value_id//download/1/version/original). It results in the same empty page as in the back end.

    To test if the problem only occurs with PDFs I uploaded a picture and tried to download it. In the front end it downloaded fine, in the back end it didn't. I got an empty zip container.
  • I just noticed that if I down load an individual pdf (related representation bundle) it downloads correctly.  If I "Download all media associated with this..." it downloads a very large....but empty zip.

    Here's the file header:
    00000000h: 50 4B 03 04 14 00 08 00 08 00 B7 6E EB 4A 00 00 ; PK........·nëJ..

    which appears correct for a zip.
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