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ImageMagick; uploaded resized images wash away from color

edited August 14 in Troubleshooting
Issue (August 12): When I upload images through Imagick/ImageMagick the images wash away from color on my web server. The original photo gets uploaded properly to my server, but the resized copies get that faint color. See attachments for original sample and faint resized copy. It is related to this message (

I have uploaded the same images on my local LAMP-server (running on a Raspberry PI 3), and the images have been uploaded perfectly. The local LAMP-server uses the GD library, instead of using ImageMagick (for overview of the Media Processing Plugins for the Lamp-server as well as the web server see attachments). 

I concluded that ImageMagick might be troublesome here.

What I have tried:
  1. How can I resolve the images ashing away from color?
  2. Is there a way to disable ImageMagick and revert to GD within Collective Access/Providence?
  3. Is there a workaround?
  4. OR....... can it be that the ImageMagick library is getting called incorrectly, and that instead the GD-module is kicking in. Which then resolves in a known issue of washing away the color?
Thanks for your help! 

As you can see much appreciated (again), since I have no clue how to resolve this...

UPDATE (August 14): I have contacted my web hosting company.. They suggested to try use the GD-module instead of ImageMagick just to see how it affects the issue. The company noted that this is an issue within CA. Because I am using shared web-hosting I can't make changes on the server side. I have to make changes within the CA-configuration to use the GD-module instead of ImageMagickWonder how I do that..
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