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PDF output with image missing


I installed Provenance and Pawtucket2. When I try to download a PDF of an object I get the summary page but with a missing image. How to fix this so that the image is displayed too? Thanks.


  • In Providence or Pawtucket?
  • Got it fixed. Thanks @Seth.

    I have another question though. How to customize the front end Object page to display more information? For example, Object description? Thanks.
  • edited February 6
    What was the fix here for the PDF thumbnail issue? Also have issues with this... @jamal @Seth
  • Hi dag2108,

    Is this in Providence or Pawtucket?  Are you able to see PDF preview images elsewhere in the system?
  • Hi @sophie

    This is happening in both Providence and Pawtucket with both domPDF and wkhtmltopdf when I try to export a PDF summary of an object. The PDF renders but the representation image is missing. Using wkhtmltopdf a border for the image appears, but is empty. On the PDF generated by domPDF, there is an "Image Not Found" message and a broken thumbnail image. Their is also a hyperlink on the thumbnail, which actually loads the correct image when clicked. I've attached screenshots of both cases (domPDF and wkhtmltopdf)

  • Hi dag2108,

    Are you able to see preview images for PDF elsewhere in the system, such as on the summary screen or in search results?
  • Hi @sophie,

    Yes, I'm able to see preview images for PDFs in the system but that's not really my issue. My issue is that the representation thumbnails are broken when I generate PDF summaries. Did my attachments on my previous message come through?

  • Hi,

    Make sure the URLs being generated for your media are resolvable on the web server. What the PDF system does is embed URLs to the image in the output. The PDF processor then grabs the images at these URLs as it encodes the final PDF. This all happens on the web server, so if those media URLs don't actually work on the web server (which can happen with some DNS set ups) then you'll get missing images.

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