Configuration Library

Listed below are a selection of user-contributed installation profiles. Some are based on standards and some are completely custom; all were designed to meet the functional requirements of real-world projects. Even if none of the profiles in the library can be used "out-of-the-box" for your project, some may provide development ideas and useful points of departure for your own profile. Before attempting to decipher the profiles presented here be sure to familiarize yourself with the profile syntax, as described in the Building System Installation Profiles manual.

Note that the profiles listed here are not intended as exemplars of "good design." Many employ sub-optimal metadata and user interface structures in order to accommodate various legacy and project-specific requirements. They are presented merely as examples of how previous users have approached systems design for their particular discipline. Your mileage may vary.

To use a profile listed here with your copy of CollectiveAccess download the desired profile and copy it into the profiles/xml directory of the installer (Eg. /install/profiles/xml). After reloading the installer start page the newly installed profile should appear in the profiles drop-down menu.

We encourage you to contribute your own profiles to the library! The more profiles we can share, the easier it will be for new users to get started with CollectiveAccess. If you want to post your profile here contact us at


Historical Societies & Museums

Coney Island History Project, Brooklyn, NY, USA
An artifact and oral history database for a historical society
Metadata Standards: none
Object Types: documents, interviews, motion pictures, objects, photographs and postcards, with hierarchical sub-types
Occurrence Types: events, exhibitions, bibliographies

Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, BC Canada
A catalog of historical objects with additional administrative modules
Metadata Standards: custom
Object Types: artworks, objects, documents
Occurrence Types: publications, associations

Arts Organizations

Storm King, New Windsor, NY, USA
A profile for an arts institution that merges permanent collection, loaned artworks, library items and archival items with a focus on monumental outdoor sculpture
Metadata Standards: custom
Object Types: artworks, loaned artworks, library resources, archival items
Occurrence Types: exhibitions, press, public programs

Artist Studio, New Mexico, USA
A profile for the inventory and administration of a contemporary artist's work
Metadata Standards: custom
Object Types: artworks, preparatory materials, archival items, equipment, bibliographic material
Occurrence Types: exhibitions

Institutional Archives & Special Collections

New Museum for Contemporary Art, New York, NY, USA
Institutional archive for digital preservation of program documentation for an art museum
Metadata Standards: Dublin Core
Object Types: collections, datasets, events, images, interactive resources, moving images, physical objects, services, software, sounds, texts
Occurrence Types: exhibitions, public programs, education initiatives, publications

New School, New York, NY, USA
A mixed material digital archive including 2D, 3D and 4D special collections content.
Metadata Standards: VRA Core, PBCore, DACS
Object Types: collection objects
Occurrence Types: exhibitions, publications

New York Society Library, New York, NY, USA
This digital humanities configuration supports cataloging for data visualizations as well as special collections items.
Metadata Standards: DACS
Object Types: bibs, volumes, catalogs, institutional documents, ledgers and ledger pages
Occurrences: events

Moving Image Archives

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Hollywood, CA, USA
A development platform for preservation workflows for digital film
Metadata Standards: PBCore, PREMIS
Object Types: moving images, supporting assets
Occurrence Types: works

Smithsonian Channel, Washington DC, USA
An implementation for a video production and broadcast archive
Metadata Standards: custom PBCore,
Object Types: moving image, supporting materials

Occurrence Types: works, versions

Performing Arts Archives

Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY, USA
A digital archive for a 150-year-old performing arts organization
Metadata Standards: DACS, GLOPAD, FRBR
Object Types: documents, media, born-digital material, promotional items and memorabilia, with hierarchical sub-types
Occurrence Types: works, eras, years, seasons, series, productions and special events

Roundabout Theater Company, New York, NY, USA
A digital archive for a theatre company
Metadata Standards: none
Object Types: documents, news clippings, merchandise, costumes, props, and media, with hierarchical sub-types
Occurrence Types: stage productions, play readings, galas, opening nights, special events, student productions