CollectiveAccess is free open-source software for managing and publishing museum and archival collections.

  • Runs on any modern web browser
  • Pre-configured with several library standards including Dublin Core, PBCore, VRA Core and more
  • Customizable through simple user interfaces — no complex programming required
  • Reporting tools easily generate finding aids and exports to PDF or spreadsheet-readable formats
  • Supports multilingual cataloging
  • Mapping tools allow you to georeference any asset
  • Integrated with Library of Congress subject headings, Getty vocabularies, GeoNames, and more
  • Plugins extend the software's core functionality to support timelines, visualizations, image licensing and more
  • Import frameworks allow for the batch migration and transformation of media and data
  • Free online documentation and support
  • Smithsonian Channel

    Washington DC
    • Supports an ever-growing footage collection for production and broadcast 
    • Features robust clip-level logging and cataloging 
    • PB Core-compliant schema tracks Items, supporting materials, plus hierarchies from work to version 
    • Includes a researchers interface providing controlled access and discovery
  • New York Society Library

    New York, NY
    • Showcases the early circulation records of NYC's first library and oldest cultural institution
    • Details the reading histories of political figures such as George Washington, John Jay and Aaron Burr
    • Includes a network of relationship records that describe social connections and circulation activities
    • Will feature a public website with dynamic information visualization tools
  • Isamu Noguchi Catalog Raisonné

    Queens, NY
    • Archives 2,000 artworks spanning 80+ years
    • Includes 10,000 documentary photographs
    • Features a visual and textual artist's chronology
    • Supports a dynamic print catalogue automatically generated from digital catalogue data
    • Integrates data fed from a legacy commercial software system
  • New School Archives & Special Collections

    New York, NY
    • Presents a diverse collection of 2D, 3D and 4D items
    • Features classroom tools for sharing, commenting on and creating presentations with archival materials
    • Includes finding aids for collection-level research
    • Merges VRA Core, PBCore and DACS standards
  • Mattress Factory Active Archive

    Pittsburgh, PA
    • Documents 37 years of site-specific artwork
    • Includes over 15,000 images, AV assets, documents and anecdotes
    • Supports dynamic artist, exhibition and event browsing
    • Contains archival content and DACS-compliant collection records
    • Integrates lesson plans and educational resources
  • CA at ARLIS/NA 2015

    January 12, 2015

    Going to the ARLIS/NA 2015 Conference in Forth Worth, Texas? Join us for a presentation called "This Town is Big Enough for All of Us: Managing Assets Across an Organization." We'll demo a project that integrates Library, Archive and Museum collection workflows.

  • Check out the Mattress Factory Active Archive!

    November 25, 2014

    Congratulations to the Mattress Factory, who launched their Active Archive of installation and performance art this week. Check it out at

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  • Download CollectiveAccess to get started

    CollectiveAccess version 1.4 is composed of a core cataloguing and data management application called Providence and an optional public web-access application called Pawtucket.

    If you want to try out a full working CollectiveAccess Providence and Pawtucket installation on your Macintosh or Windows PC without the hassle of setting up a server try the Quickstart packages (coming soon).

    Visit the project wiki for installation instructions or read more about the packages here.