Selected Features
CollectiveAccess is actively developed by Whirl-i-Gig and the user community, keeping the codebase up-to-date and building out new features as needed. A demonstration system showcasing many of the features outlined below is available at Log in with user demo and password demo.
Data Modeling
  • Pre-loaded with metadata standards including DACS, Dublin Core, VRA Core, and more
  • Configurable metadata fields, user interfaces and reports via the user interface or XML profile
  • Customizable search and browse displays and advanced search forms
  • Data validation and alerts for dates, measurements, currency, URLs, and more
  • Integrated information services like Library of Congress, Getty vocabularies, and more
  • Support for complex hierarchies for objects, collections, places, and storage locations
  • Multilingual cataloguing, display, and search options with alternate naming fields
Workflow Management
  • Batch cataloguing and editing tools for object and authority items
  • Batch importing of data from formats like Excel, CSV, XML, MARC, and more
  • Batch import and media derivative processing in multiple formats
  • Data export to various OAI-PMH formats including EAD and DublinCore
  • Generate finding aids and PDF or spreadsheet reports and exports
  • Manage flow of items using library check in/out and location tracking
  • Create and share sets of items with project collaborators and allow cross-editing
Web Publishing
  • Optional front end Pawtucket can be public-access website or behind login
  • Style website components easily with the theme library
  • Configure navigation tools including browse filtering and advanced search forms
  • Highlight items in galleries, on homepage, and with related items
  • Generate dynamic timelines and maps from search and browse results
  • Solicit and moderate user-generated comments, tags, and ratings
  • Accept user submissions of archival content, data, and media
Media Handling
  • In-browser viewing and playback for images, video, audio, PDFs, and 3D scans
  • Create derivatives of various sizes and watermark on ingest
  • Ability to migrate formats and schedule migrations
  • Switch on/off searching within PDF documents across site
  • Annotation tools for images, documents, video and audio assets
  • HTML 5 pan-and-zoom high-resolution image viewer (and other viewer options)
  • Support for Microsoft file formats with previews generated via LibreOffice
Granular Control
  • Provide access to specific fields or record types by user or group
  • Create multi-level access restrictions to published records and metadata
  • Create workflows and views for different types of users
  • LDAP authentication and support for alternative user authentication methods
  • Ability to require users to log in to view front-end website
  • Fine-grain control of almost every option through configuration files
  • System logs record creation and modification by user with a timestamp documenting edits, additions, and deletions
Digital Preservation
  • Fixity checks on MD5 checksums via convenient email reports
  • Automatic creation of access derivatives for preservation media
  • Integration with BagIt digital library preservation standard
  • Integration with Archivematica and Preservica coming soon!